Engineering Solutions

Our industrial engineering department is staffed with experienced professionals, whose primary focus is to ensure that the business goals of our customers are met in a safe, timely and cost-efficient manner.


Within this department we have senior application engineers and product managers who are able to provide our customers with the most up to date technical support and advice to solve their specific requirements in (low thermal mass) refractory applications and 'state of the art' thermal and energy saving solutions.

What can the engineering department do?

Design studies, thermal calculations, installing, drawings, including protocols and R&D development are part of our daily activities and services.

Why do you need a thermal calculation?

The essence of these calculations is to gain insight into the temperature uses of a material and the application area of the process in which the material is being used. With the use of this calculation we can provide a much more accurate advice for you, such as materials to use, thicknesses and other special product combinations to deal with your problem area accordingly.

We can provide you with calculations which can be combined with different materials this will help you to reduce costs in your insulation materials.

Engineering expansion joints on computer with production facility in the back

About thermal calculations

These calculations are made with specific criteria to construct the calculation. These criteria are thickness, type material, ambient temperature, wind, thermal conductivity, Mat-N°, weight in kg/m3 based on a certain ASTM-norms, VDI-norms or other norms which would be applicable for your situation. Our engineering department is able to make calculations with the use of various shapes such as cylinders or other surfaces and orientations such as vertical walls or roofs. Most of our thermal calculations are made for furnaces, reformers or pipes but other calculations are also available on request.

About us

The Insulcon Group is an ‘one-stop-shop’ which allows customers to have various options. This gives you the ability to pick and mix different materials for your application.

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