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Insulcon is one of the leading suppliers of refractory materials. Insulcon is the partner when it comes to solutions where high temperature (up to 1600 °C!) with thermal shock-, chemical and wear resistance and/or high thermal insulation properties are involved.

Insulcon's sustainable solutions always offer you energy savings and a reduction in COemissions.

The Insulcon group has its headquarter in the Netherlands. The company is strategically located in Steenbergen, situated between the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Our production, sales and engineering offices are based in:

  • Belgium (Insulcon N.V.);
  • Germany (Insulcon GmbH);
  • The Netherlands (Insulcon B.V.);
  • United Kingdom (Insulcon Technical Ltd.)
  • Switzerland (Insulcon Projects SA);

Next to this Insulcon covers the world with our network of dedicated agents. Our production facilities are located next to our Headquarter in the Netherlands, just as in Temse, Belgium.

Founded in 1980 and since then being a partner, as specialized company in heat management, for many long lasting partners. We are there with over 180 dedicated professionals to be your matching partner; as manufacturer, advisor and trouble shooter.

Insulcon joined the IPCOM group, since 2015. Ipcom is an ambitious and fast-growing European group of companies, specialized in the distribution and conversion of innovative solutions for thermal insulation, high temperature insulation, passive fire protection and acoustic insulation.

The Insulcon Group offers its worldwide customers the highest quality products, service and support and a high supply rate from our large warehouse.

Building Insulcon BV new
Insulcon B.V. - The Netherlands
Insulcon N.V. - Belgium
Gebouw Insulcon GmbH Neuss
Insulcon GmbH - Germany

Insulcon Projecst S.A. - Switserland



Insulcon Technical Ltd. - UK





Insulcon timeline

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