Hard Refractories

We have a complete range of hard refractories for the use in several high temperature applications. Each product and product type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements. 

Mortars and castables /Ramming mixes / Pre-cast tiles and shapes / SiC pre-formed Products / Silicon Nitride bonded shapes / Alumina & Mullite Refractories

Bricks (high temperature resistant bricks and blocks)

We have a complete range of refractory bricks (insulating bricks, dense fire bricks, insulating fire bricks) and blocks for the...

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EasyFlow® launder systems

EasyFlow®launders were specially designed for the efficient transfer of molten aluminium in casthouses. Due to high-energy...

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The Insulcon Group has a wide range of Insulmicanite® products. Insulmicanite products® are specifically developed for the use...

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Molten metal transport products

Transporting molten non-ferrous metals between furnaces, or using transport ladles especially, is a critical step in the...

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Insulcon Technical | The new name for AIS Technical.

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