Mouldables and patching compounds

In order to address our customer requirements, we manufacture a complete range of mouldables and patching compounds; Insulmould®, ProMixSealer® and injection moulds. 

Insulmould® is used as expansion joint filling, to cast shapes and for general refractory repairs. All of these products are based on high performance and refractory fibres blended with specially selected refractory binders.

Injection mould is a mould we developed special for our Hot Spot Service! This unique Hot Spot Repair technique consists of a specially developed range of high temperature injection mouldables. These special mouldables with good performance can be injected under controlled pressure and viscosity, filling up all cracks and gaps inside the damaged surrounded refractory and insulation lining.

ProMixSealer® mouldables is a perfect, ready mixed composition, a tacky, putty-like material that adheres very well to the applied surface, because it spreads easily and finish smoothly for faster and better joint construction. 

In our production facility in Steenbergen (The Netherlands) we manufacture several standard types of mouldables and patching compounds up to 1700°C, using ceramic as well as body soluble fibres.

Injection Mould

Our high performance Injection Mouldables contain refractory fibres blended with selected high temperature inorganic and...

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Insulmould® refractory insulation mouldables

During the years, refractories can crack or spall for a variety of reasons, such as volume changes, expansions or even due to...

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ProMixSealer® patching compounds are specially designed for the repair of hot and cold launder systems, to securely bond...

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