Aluminium - Non Ferrous industry

The manufacturing of aluminium and non ferrous materials is one of the most challenging operational environments for both people as their machinery. It is obvious that a manufacturer must rely more than 100% on the quality of their equipment to be able to supply a constant stable product.  

As a supplier of high temperature solutions, The Insulcon group is able to supply an insulation solution for the critical processes in the furnaces and transfer applications in the primary and secondary, aluminium-non ferrous industry, as well as in rolling mills and extrusion. 

Our solutions in refractory, fibre and microporous are developed to offer the best insulation protection to improve not only the life time cycle of the processes and equipment, but also improve your energy savings and your peoples safety!


Due to our experienced non-ferrous specialists, innovative tailor-made solutions are available for almost any application during the melting, holding, transport and casting process.

Our foundry products and systems, such as hot spot repair service  (during operation, without production stop), fibre productshigh temperature textile products will help you to improve the quality of your products, control your emission, reduce your heat loss and therefore save on your energy bill and improve eficiency.

An example is our EasyFlow S launder, which is suitable for different applications. In particular for the transport of molten zinc.

Our EasyFlow S launders are fabricated in Steenbergen (the Netherlands) and can have a special coating applied to them. This makes the launders extra rigid and non-wetting.

EasyFlow S Product
We have insulation materials and consumables for the following processes within the aluminium industry:

For the repair of hot and cold launder systems, find our page of products ProMixSealers! A perfect patching compound, specially designed for the repair of hot and cold launder systems, produced in our own manufacturing facility.  


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